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IRP Nordic teamin kartanlukija / kartturi Aino tavoittelee paikkaa naiskartturina SM ja MM tasolla. Ostamalla Ainon fanituotteita autat tavoitteessa

Cars have always fascinated me, and I've been interested in motorsport since I was a little girl!

Last February, an amazing opportunity opened up and I got to race in a rally car for the first time as a co-driver in the Tornio Rally. The spark ignited immediately and I knew I wanted to make a career out of it. Reading pacenotes and the co-driver's tasks have come naturally to me and I can see how quickly I have developed, and I want to develop even more!

In the 2023 season, I got to race with two different drivers and gained a lot of experience in competing, co-driving and reading pacenotes. I have noticed that my hunger grows as I eat, and my goal is to become one of the best female co-drivers in the world. I need more experience and that can only be gained by participating in rallies.

Do you want to be a part of making me a star?

My goal for 2024 is to compete in the F-Cup, Hamu Rally and Jyväskyläs Vetomies-rally. This season I will also be co-driving for two drivers. In order to make competing possible, I need partners to support my journey. A partner can be an individual person or a company.

I'm sure everyone can imagine that rallying is not the cheapest career to choose. It can be roughly estimated that the costs of a single rally are around €5000. This does not include the cost of car maintenance. Rally-specific costs include tires (which take more than half of the budget), entry fees, fuel, accommodation costs and the cost of mechanics, etc.

The co-driver brings their own share of the rally budget to make all this possible.  

That's why I need partners to support my journey to stardom! Partners will get their name or company name on the spoiler, roof or bonnet of the IRPNORDIC BMW. The rally car gets visibility in social media, newspapers and on TV. To become a rally-specific main partner, please contact: info@irpnordic.com

Thank you!

Best regards Aino Riipinen

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