IRP Nordic

Forged pistons, connecting rods, harmonic dampers and locking differentials

IRPNordic specializes in solutions for all kind of motorsport needs and offers only products that are qualified to satisfy high standards of your needs and guarantee the maximum performance.

We concentrate on design and production to guarantee the endurance and suitability of everý single sector of motorsports demanding needs. We concentrate on strength, temperature resistance and weight on our products that are key factors in our client's success. Our goal is always to be the primary, perfect and versatile partner that you can always rely on!


We make no compromises when it comes to quality or any other matter affecting to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We only select and use the highest quality materials. That combined with our innovative technology maximizes the performance and durability of our engine materials.

In Production, at all departments, everything starting from material quality control, research and development, production to quality control, are housed under the same roof. All materials needed in the production of our products are 100% certified.

All of our products are measured and checked up with the latest laser technology

Connecting rods

We have available 4 different types of connecting rods, capable to satisfy the motorsport markets at every level, from small budget projects to the most competitive branches of Motorsports. The lines of products are called Entry-level, Silver line, Golden line and Platinum line. With our connecting rods, we use only materials that are made of high-grade steel that can meet even aeronautics and military standards. All of our products are developed and produced in the same facility in Italy, and only the best available materials on the market have been used to ensure absolute reliability, endurance and 100% customer satisfaction.

Forged pistons

As for our connecting rods, we subdivided our pistons also into different product lines to ensure that all of our client's needs are met. Our pistons are the culmination of years of experience in the field and testing everywhere in the world. They are made from high-grade aluminium, which can also meet both aeronautics and military standards. For the engineering of our pistons, we use only the best technology and the latest generation of CNC machinery with 5 simultaneous axes. Our production line is also equipped with a robotic arm, which satisfies the prerequisites for industry 4.0


As our products are used almost everywhere in the world, it has proven that they work anywhere regardless of climate or how extreme conditions can get. All of our products are performed extremely well and tested in conditions from 50C° (122F) temperatures in the UAE, averaging over 90% of humidity, in the other end being cold winters of northern Scandinavia where temperatures can go as low as -35C° (-31F) or even less. These experiences over the years, in these extreme and different testing environments allow us to guarantee the reliability of our products anywhere in the world.

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